Specialized services in market research and strategy consulting.


  • ‘’Their tools, information gathering methodology and credibility, add great value to this team, which, allied to the in-depth knowledge of the markets where they operate, generates critical insights for decision making.’’
    Maria Emilia RinoCentral de Cervejas, Portugal
  • ‘’It was gratifying to work with this team, which demonstrated a high degree of responsibility and pragmatism, which is essential for the development of innovative projects in Angola.’’
    Pedro AmorimDirector of Marketing BFA, Angola
  • ‘’A multidisciplinary vision, with a high practical sense and a profound knowledge of Angola’s reality, are the key ingredients for a rigorous work, which allows clients to outline fundamental strategies for the growth of their companies.’’
    João MartinsZahara Trade, Angola
  • ‘’The contributions from this team on the development stage as well as on the implementation of the analytical processes were crucial for the project’s success. The quality of the work presented as well as the specific Intel on the National context enriched the outputs- for the written report as well as for the presentations made at feedback events.’’
    Bruce MeadCRIDF, UK
  • ‘’Excellent partners in the management of projects to collect and analyse data. They understand well the client’s problems and provide the most adequate solutions to their needs. A company underpinned on scientific, technological and operational knowledge.’’
    Carlos GomesCommercial Director of PSE, Portugal
  • ‘’In the insurance sector, one of the biggest difficulties we face in the Angolan market is the lack of information. Partners such as Assertys, undoubtedly contribute to the development of our business, as they excel in experience, professionalism and commitment.’’
    Sofia MagalhãesAdvisor to the Executive Committee of Nossa Seguros, Angola



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