About us


Assertys results from a path started in 2009 by a team of consultants dedicated to data collection-analysis and project management.

Through the use of distinct techniques, methodologies and systems, Assertys currently carries out research and consultancy projects that contribute to enhance and expand the analytical and strategic capabilities of its clients.

It develops projects based on the best management practices, engaging with stakeholders in an integrated and responsible manner and selecting the most appropriate technologies and processes.

Projects are advanced with internal data (customer registration, complaints, consumption, sales and other channels) and external data (statistics, telephone surveys and censuses [CATI], computer-tablet pc [CAPI] or web link [CAWI], interviews in Depth, discussion groups and mystery client, among others).

It has a diversified experience in various public sectors (education, health, public safety, etc.) and private sectors (banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, oil and gas, energy, water, etc.) as well as in different areas of activity (marketing, quality, commercial, social responsibility, etc.).

At Assertys we go beyond information, we pursue intelligence.

Mission, vision and values

Mission: Collect, structure, analyse and communicate information for decision making.

Vision: To enhance and expand the analytical and executive capabilities of our clients.

Values: Credibility, Competence, Strategic vision and Efficiency.